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How might three scientists undo an apocalyptic event that they set in motion, when they are fighting against the will of profit-mongers and an army of strong-willed idealists?

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Author:Adler Jessop

Stafford, Becca, and Brendan are three scientists prematurely celebrating on the eve of their first test of human teleportation.

Stafford receives a message warning him that their experiment will have unintended consequences. Keen to avoid a tragedy, he sets in motion a chain of events that might rectify his mistakes, or at very least clean up the ramifications.

Waking up the next day and having no memory of the warning, events unfold as they had been predicted. It’s only when the test subject and friend (billionaire philanthropist Jacob Baker-Menage) begins to show unusual traits that the trio realise something might have gone wrong.

Thankfully a similar warning was presented to strong-willed, down-on-her-luck waitress Chelsea, who is championed to raise a small army from a community of farmers.

At the same time, space-shuttle captain Colin Eadie becomes aware of a situation, and he will struggle to choose between the chain of command and his own sense of responsibility.

These three groups interact while on their own journeys to rectify the potentially civilisation ending scenario.

Can they work together? Do they share a common goal? Will their own self-doubts get in the way of their own solution? What is the true measurement of success?

All their attempts are hindered by the stonewalling of powerful entities that have their own agendas.


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