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Exploring her life as a single woman until she faces choices when meeting ‘The One’.

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Author:T.R. Hamby

Wedding bells are ringing for everyone but Audrey Austen. This didn’t used to bother her, but after a cold remark at a wedding, she begins to wonder if there’s something wrong with her. Will she ever finally marry? Will she ever meet the One?

Then Isaac comes along, and her life changes. Finally she has met someone; finally she is in love. Things couldn’t be any better, and marriage and children aren’t far on the horizon.

But then she begins to wonder. Doubts creep in, and she starts to worry about what she truly wants. Is marriage really all that it is cracked up to be? Is Audrey meant to be a mother?

Her fate is in her hands, and love hangs in the balance. What choice will Audrey make?


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