Diary of a Wimpy Dad

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True toe-curling tales from grown-ups from the coalface of parental ineptitude.

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Author:David Diebold

Some people have absolutely no business being left in charge. Sadly, those people are also sometimes named ‘Dad’…

A few years ago, David Diebold took the brave decision to give up a full-time job to be a stay-at-home dad. Thing is, there was already a stay-at-home mum, three monosyllabic teenage boys, and a pathologically cheerful, explosively hormonal pre-teen girl.

What follows is a year at the coal face of parental ineptitude, a year in which David learns that helping to keep the well-oiled machine of a busy family home firing on all cylinders requires, well, oil… and a machine.

If a family of six in a rapidly decaying house weren’t enough to contend with, there’s Molly the ancient, toothless, perpetually moulting dog, hell bent on murdering the postman. Good enough reason as any to hit the wine.

It’s not all missteps and pratfalls. Amid the chaos of life, David and family must contend with the trials of teenage angst, and the death of a loved one.

Can he survive 12 months with his sanity intact? Sure. And can everyone else?


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