Dancing on Seaside

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Set in the summer of 1977, a family navigates loves and friendships in pre-casino Atlantic City.

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Author:Julius James DeAngelus

Dancing on Seaside is a novel set in Atlantic City during the summer of 1977, the last summer before legalized gambling.

The story revolves around characters whose lives will be forever changed: friends who may be spending their last summer together, siblings who are finally facing regrettable decisions they made decades ago and first loves that may never be realized.

Atlantic City is no longer the “Lady by the Sea” as it used to be called. By 1977, it is a town that is on its knees with crime, poverty and desperation – and many people who had once called this place home are now leaving.

Neighborhoods are crumbling…but for some, those that remember the good times, it still has some magic left in it.


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