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An artist takes a one-of-a-kind, life-affirming journey through darkness to sunshine, making difficult choices to embrace destiny.

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Author:Pamela Jane Rogers

After 12 years of living a conservative married but childless life in North Carolina, a twist of fate sends the American artist on a group painting trip to Greece.

Following a bizarre epiphany in an olive grove, bright truths begin to appear as the darkness she has endured fades.

Yearly art journeys to Greece for the next seven years prepare her to end her old life and embrace an uncertain future after divorce. It may be tempting the fates for a middle-aged woman with minimal financial resources to simply follow her heart, yet the murmur of the serenity, the visuals of the incredibly turquoise sea, nature’s gardens, olive trees and mountains coupled with the generosity of the Greek people, all continue to embolden her to take the extended art journey of her lifetime: freedom or death!

With delight in each new moment and a sense of adventure her only companions, she leaves her past comforts behind and ‘trusts in the process’ of art and life beginning in a spartan rental villa on the island of Poros.

(The paperback is Illustrated with 40 paintings done during the journey and the Kindle version is illustrated with 100 paintings.)


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