The Joy of Addiction

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A teenager hurtles around the planet in the grip of addiction before finally finding redemption.

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Author:Sebastian Wocker

How does a conscientious member of the 15th Hampstead Cub Scouts, with six badges of merit on his scratchy little green jersey, turn into a no-good, thieving junkie? And will he ever be set free from addiction, when the primary symptom of the condition is to convince the sufferer they don’t have it?

The Joy of Addiction is a stranger-than-fiction, tragicomedy about a teenager who hurtles into the abyss of drug and alcohol dependency. It is a true story with an unblinking insight into the mindset of an addict and an invaluable message of recovery.

‘Like its author, this is funny, honest and in-your-face. A great and enlightening and helpful read for anyone who thinks: ‘I only drink on weekends’ makes them less of an addict.
I include myself in that category.’ — Emma Thompson

‘If you only read one book this year, you should really try reading a few more books, including Wocker’s brilliant addiction memoir. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wet your pants
and wake up screaming. Laugh out loud funny.’ — Tony Parsons


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