Hot Wheels: Cool Assassins 2

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Greed versus stealth, money versus heart.

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Author:J. O. Quantaman

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A cartel of corporate giants pursues two female assassins. Thrilling car chases, martial arts, crashing through brick walls…

“A futuristic world of space colonies, big government corporations that openly control Earth, and a group of misfits recruited as spies and assassins, called the Dog Breakfast Co-op (DB).

“Jen and Jo are a pair of strong independent women that play off each other really well. Jen’s stoic nature and dedication to her skills is tested by Jo’s fast driving and intense sexuality. Whether the two are fighting antagonists, escaping to another country, or engaging in sexual byplay with some handsome sailors, they make for a great action-comedy duo.”

–Excerpts from review by Julie Sara Porter, Bookworm Reviews


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