Journey to Gibiloe Island

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A children’s magical fun adventure fairytale to the home of the Gibiloes in the inner world – where everything is pure and nothing is quite as it seems.

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Author:Linda Broom

A special family receive an unprecedented invitation from beautiful spiritual enlightened creatures from another realm where they are taken on an adventure of a lifetime.

Deep under the sea in the Inner World, these creatures called Gibiloes (pronounced Jib-i-low) that live on Enlightenment Island show the family how they can live so long, how they communicate telepathically, how to raise their vibrational energy and heal their bodies and protect vital resources.

Along the journey around the Island, there is a lot of fun adventure and magic that awaits them.

Before they are taken home on the back of an enormous turtle called Myrtle the Gibiloes enlist the help of the human family to continue the work they have learnt to help protect not only their home but earth and all the other planets and places we have not yet discovered.


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