Old College Diaries

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Collected tales of murder, mystery and mayhem at the ancient, elite and esoteric Old College.

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Author:Lucy Brazier

The first three PorterGirl novels now in one beautiful collection, bringing together the murders, mysteries, secrets and humour of Old College as seen through the eyes of the irrepressible Deputy Head Porter. Also featuring deleted scenes from the original blog that inspired this best-selling series, as well as chapters that didn’t quite make it to the books.

First Lady of the Keys – ‘Porters are not the carriers of bags. They are the keepers of keys.’ Old College is in for a shock when it appoints its first-ever female Deputy Head Porter. She uncovers secrets, lies and some of the most polite murders in British history in this witty and wry glimpse into an esoteric world usually reserved for the upper echelons of society.

The Vanishing Lord – ‘Covering up a crime that may or may not have happened.’ In this fast-paced, whimsical romp a priceless work of art integral to Old College history goes missing and things are complicated further by the unexplained death of Lord Bernard, Master of arch-rivals Hawkins College. Could the mysterious stranger stalking Old College grounds be to blame?

Sinister Dexter – ‘Sometimes the opposite of right isn’t wrong. It’s left.’ Tragedy strikes once more at Old College… the Porters’ Lodge is down to the last three tea bags and no one has seen a biscuit in over a week. Almost as troubling are the two dead bodies at the bottom of the College gardens and the disappearance of a young woman. Spies, poisonings and witchcraft abound – and none of this would be any trouble at all, if only someone would just put the kettle on.


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