Kill Sequence

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A mysterious stranger leads a mourning husband on an international life and death hunt for his wife’s killer… and revenge.

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Author:Steve Griffiths

How far would you go to avenge the death of a loved one?

After the trauma of his wife Liz’s murder, Shawn Nash wanted vengeance. He never expected to be hunted.

A stranger’s knock at his door plunges Shawn into a strange underworld of digital espionage, false identities, and violent mayhem. His mysterious benefactor Michael seems to be equal parts guardian angel and trickster, and Shawn has a growing awareness of connection with something else in his mind.

Hunted by hitmen, haunted by memories, and hidden from digital surveillance, Shawn must discover what really happened the night his wife died – and then find a way to save the world from the monster she inadvertently created.


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