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She can hunt global assassins, strike lasting blows to organized crime and is willing to do what is necessary to protect her family, but add falling in love to the mix and Mac Riley is off her game. And the cost could be deadly.

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Author:Sheila E Young

Working for a vigilante task force often requires Mac Riley to do the unthinkable. It’s not every day you stab the Vice President of the United States – then fall in love with him.

A global network of dark forces challenges these renegades at every turn, yet they are ready to do what is necessary to tip the scales towards justice.

When her family becomes the target, Mac and her colleagues are put to the ultimate test. And Mac will do anything to keep her loved ones safe…but will it be enough?

Join this ragtag team as they travel across the globe, using unconventional methods to right some wrongs. Karma is calling and Vigilante Division Investigations is answering the call.

It is time for some people to get what they give…


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