Nadir to Zenith

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Aurora, a young teen, uncovers the truth about her adoption by aliens and finds that being human entails dreaming, rituals, and knowing the truth about her past.

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Author:Tarabud Jimenez

Aurora thought she was living an idyllic life learning to be a squid vessel mechanic while being raised by the alien Torquinox on the distant planet Domina. The year is 2144, and Earth is now desolate, uninhabitable, and eleven light-years away. Now at 16, Aurora finds Torquinox’s shared mind technology is intrusive and annoying. She longs to feel more human and less alien. Aurora cannot help but question everything, even the story the Torquinox have told them of their rescue from Earth.

When the great alien alliance falters, and the alien Kean attacks her once peaceful planet, Aurora doubts her role in the Torquinox society and dreads all she has to lose. Abruptly she is ushered into a new era of awakening with forbidden dreams of Earth. She can only trust Harvey, to scheme an escape from Domina.

Her escape plan is perfect until it falters. Will Aurora find the courage to create a new life she only dreamed of? And can she trust Tatum, a Torquinox who once watched over them, to be her ally?


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