Squire’s Passion

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Will Anwen break with tradition and follow her heart?

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Author:Tiana LeBeau

Will you break tradition to follow your heart?

A fiery seamstress confronts a timid squire after his pompous prancing leads to the loss of an invaluable memory. Surprise took Anwen when he endeavored to make things right. Being a widowed single mother of three and business owner, kindness was a foreign concept.

Edwin found his heart in a tiny town far from Camelot. She had the deepest red hair, strong-willed personality, and a heart unlike anything he encountered in the city. He only made a fool of himself. Around her he fumbled, felt awkward, and destroyed things of great importance.

The timid squire found his voice with an invitation to dinner with the king. Would his confidence return? Or will it be the end?

When you read this fun, historical romance, you’ll get caught up in the world of Port Caer, a small town outside of Camelot. Follow Edwin’s meandering, Anwen’s warming, and the whole family as the story weaves together in a fun tale of love at first sight.


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