The Beginning

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Three people come together to find peace despite centuries-long war between their people.

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Author:Catrina Taylor

Three minds. Five hearts. A sector at war.

A timid slave meets a battle-hardened soldier when two minds come together across light-years. Joined by a passive fighter, the trio knows the barriers to peace. Together they will seed the change that must come for an entire sector.

Kala, a once timid Xenonian slave girl, possesses a unique psionic signature exploited by the military to create a powerful weapon of war. Climbing to the rank of Fleet Commander, the compassionate Kala stirs controversy when she pushes for peace in the chaos of the great war.

A skilled but reckless soldier from the opposing Dentonian fleet, Yatrell struggles to hone his unique talents. The skills and abilities that help him become the formidable leader are the same that may be the undoing of his entire planet.

Brax left his clan when his psionic ability surfaced. A gentle giant, he has become an exceptional fighter whose only weakness is his desperation for acceptance.

When the three are reunited, they become a dynamic force…and the key to peace.


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