The Grim

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Sólan the Grim, the half-mortal bastard son of an elf duke, must face his traumatic past to try and prevent an inevitable war he’s caused.

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Author:KH Nelson

Sólan the Grim is dead. He was murdered by the Duke of the tundra—his father. No, he was beheaded by the forest’s Prince for his failure to swear the Oath of Light. Actually, he was strangled by an infamous drug smuggler of the tropics. Tortured and killed at the hands of the desert’s mortal King for his crimes.

Perhaps he is not dead at all.

The half-mortal bastard son of an Elf Duke, Sólan de Ciudelago learned to cheat death as a child. His mere existence has tumbled the Eastern Lands into the largest genocide against his own kind: The Crusade of Light. The fragile peace between red-blooded men and silver-blooded elves is fraying. Alliances and rulers’ strongholds are waning. The Eastern Lands are on the verge of a second Great War in a millennium.

Until now, Sólan’s lot in life was to smother his past and topple the desert’s slave market. Memories, however, are fickle things that can return with no warning. Now, he must face his trauma to topple more than just the slave market. He must work with former enemies and an unlikely lover to quell the coming war that he caused.

Will his blood be the ink that seals the suit for peace? Or, is he naught but a pawn in a much more sinister plot against the balance between day and night?


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