The Lesbian and The Homophobic President

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Kelly had no idea having the hots for her best friend-Jackie- was wrong, POTUS Will Banks, their old classmate thinks it is.

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Author:Judy Ramsook

So many times life pulls its stunt on us and the unexpected cut across the plan.

We are kept in a fix and a decision is paramount. Will power overthrow love? What happens to the undefined affection between Kelly and Jackie?

Find out the answers to these questions from this intriguing plight of Jackie, Kelly and the Homophobic president. Will Jackie find a decision to surmount her elevated mountain of two-ended choices? Is Kelly truly a bad influence as thought by many? Will the president put his familiarity with Kelly on the line?

The answer to all these isn’t far-fetched. Suspense and romance has found a great blend in this wonderful compilation by Judy Ramsook. This book is filled with wits and practical lessons. Story has got a new definition; this sure would worth your read.

The lesbian and the Homophobic president will satisfy your hunger for a book of stories and leave you with an undying hunger for more. Let your curiosity meet an interesting answer. You are just a trial away, pick up your copy!


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