The Grimy and the Greedy

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The Grimy and the Greedy is about a woman who is refusing to go to her evil grandmother’s funeral and a shady bar owner who has to make her go or else the ghost of a war criminal will attack his mom.

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Author:Meaghan Curley

The odious Jeanette Sobriquet is dead and her granddaughter, Fizzy, is too relieved to grieve. Unfortunately for her, when Fizzy announces her refusal to attend the abusive woman’s funeral, her life becomes a living nightmare. Now, she has demons, ghosts, and the threat of homelessness hunting her down, all demanding she caves into the dead woman’s iron will.

Bar owner, Affidious Dixon, is forced to carry out Fizzy’s dead grandmother’s last requests; otherwise, the ghost of the Bosnian war criminal that is following him around will murder his mother.

The Grimy & the Greedy is a comedic paranormal thriller about one woman’s fight to save herself from tyrannical death customs and one man’s journey to save his mother from pure evil.


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