The Sword of Hope

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Modern teenage adventurers go on a cross-country trek in a Winnebago to recover a magical sword and save the world.

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Author:Henry Walsh

Fourteen-year-old William Carter is having an average Saturday morning until armored men rescue him from a near-fatal monster attack in the middle of the suburbs. When he wakes, he finds himself in Castle Haven, a secret and mysterious school in Arizona for kids like him — awakened sparks descended from the mythical world of Elysia’s adventurers. However, his lessons in fighting and magic stop short when the Sword of Hope, an artifact keeping an evil Dark Lord from invading Earth, goes missing.

With his new friends Hector Ramirez, Amber Tanner, Minako Akimoto, and David Conner, he embarks on a harrowing cross-country trek in a Winnebago, facing Shaolin skeletons, goblin bikers, a vegan zombie, and an elvish Elvis impersonator to recover the sword before its too late.


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