The Turning Tide

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Commando missions in WWII Timor, love in devastated Hiroshima, betrayal in the jazzy fifties – a saga of adventure, passion and redemption.

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Author:CM Lance

When ex-commando Mike Whalen revisits his wartime training grounds in 1982, he’s shocked to meet Lena, the granddaughter of his glamorous old friends Helen and Johnny.

When Johnny died he left behind a burden of buried secrets and, as Lena draws Mike back into the life of her family, he’s overwhelmed by the past: growing up in melting-pot Broome, tragic guerilla missions in Timor, desire in postwar Hiroshima, and betrayal in the jazzy fifties.

Before Mike can turn the bitter tides of memory he must rebuild his bonds with wartime mates, reconcile his secrets, and confront Helen – and himself – with the truth. A saga of adventure, passion and redemption.

“Emotional, heartfelt and heart-breaking, all brilliantly bound together.” (Amazon review)


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