81 Days: The Hidden Suicide

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A veteran commits suicide on average every 72 minutes of every day, but I survived my suicide attempt.

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Author:Justin Durm

My goal when I set out to write my memoir was to share with others my story of surviving the pain that comes along with surviving veteran suicide.

The journey is long and tumultuous.

I wrote & self-published my book in 6 days via Amazon Kindle Publishing despite my insecurities to give veterans like me hope.

It was truly a blessing to witness my book peak at #94 on Amazon Kindle’s Best Seller Ranking (Short Reads) with little promotion.

The following description is identical to the book’s description on Amazon.

I am an Army Veteran, author, and advocate for preventing veteran suicide.

I wasn’t sure how to share my story of overcoming my plight with veteran suicide, so I decided to share my story by writing a book.

Is my book…. A poem? A memoir? I guess it depends on the reader’s opinion to some degree, but to me….

My manuscript is both a poem and memoir written in my own personal prose.

81 Days: The Hidden Suicide was written to encompass my own writing style with hints of my favorite authors.
It’s the working document of my life story.

It’s the rawest form of my plight in writing that tales the tale of my bout with behavioral health, the military, transitioning from the military back to civilian life, veteran suicide, my coping mechanisms, etc.

I wrote and published my book as a working document with very little edit in hopes that one day with the right group of professionals I could develop my manuscript more fully to fit the standards necessary to make my book a Best Seller.

Behavioral/ mental health and veteran suicide are major issues that generate a large number of questions from individuals who often times don’t have them answered by the data provided by agencies like the Department of Veteran Affairs. It’s my hope that my book is a better answer to those who would like to know more about what veterans experience in relation to mental health that too often times lead us to attempt suicide.

I wrote my manuscript in 6 days channeling as much of my author’s spirit of debauchery as I could to deliver a short but enthralling account of my experience.

81 Days: The Hidden Suicide is the introduction to several other pieces that I hope to follow my initial writing up with to further complete my story for my readers.

Before you read my book understand it was written from a place many veterans wind up trapped in that I describe in my memoir. A lot of us don’t make it out that’s why 72 veterans a day commit suicide due to a culmination of mitigating factors others can’t seem to understand.

It’s hard for anyone to help you out of this place as a veteran despite how much they love you due to the fact t’s a tough dark place depending on how your military / childhood experiences clash.

It’s raw and it’s real so individuals who would like to know the truth without commercial influence from editors/publishers can really know.

That’s the thing people don’t know but they really want to know


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