Learning Empathy: The Memoirs of an Autistic Savant

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Empathy is not just an innate talent – it can be learned.

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Author:Matthew Weatherford

Most people assume that I’m slow.

Some people are shocked that I’m smart enough to talk.

I was emotionally delayed by 15 years. That diagnosis was based on a lack of empathy.

For some reason, I stopped maturing at 7.

Luckily, I started again around 22 years old. Now that I’m 50, I have the mental age of a 35-year-old. It’s no big deal now. But when I was 20, I had the mental age of a 7-year-old. It was a problem then.

In my book, Learning Empathy: The Memoirs of an Autistic Savant, these are my stories of how I learned empathy despite a life of institutional abuse.

They say that Hard Lives Build Great Hearts and I am evidence that that is true.

Click the link to purchase your copy of my book Learning Empathy: The Memoirs of an Autistic Savant. All profits from this book go to a 12-step group founded in Illinois.

The purpose of this 12-step group is to help people recover after being in a psychiatric hospital or other traumatic situation.

By purchasing my book, you not only learn about what I went through, but can be a part in helping others like me.

1 review for Learning Empathy: The Memoirs of an Autistic Savant

  1. Dr. Ashley Perkins

    Matt’s story is one that takes many twists and turns but there is one recurring theme, he never gives up. No matter how tough it got, no matter how many times someone told him he couldn’t do something, it truly didn’t matter because he simply knew he could do it and he kept on toward whatever it was he was going to do anyways. Even though he’s been through many difficult things in his life, his story shows you can live through autism and mental health issues while carrying on a completely regular life with all the regular things like everyone else despite what society would have you believe otherwise. This book it a true testament of what people are able to achieve no matter what the circumstances might be and Matt proves this by sharing his story openly in this book. A story that will have you laughing about two boys sitting on a hill throwing cow shit at cars all the way to wanting to cry because you can feel the frustration as he’s being thrown into a hospital against his will because a doctor had a grudge, you cannot help but feel the emotions as he tells his story. He also includes helpful mental health tips at the end of the book which he’s been taught and he’s sharing too.

    This book shares the experience of someone whose has lived a life and now wants to share to help others feel less alone in their struggles. I recommend you read this if you find yourself wanting to learn more about what Matt has to share.

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