Living the Sky Life

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A fun and light-hearted insider’s guide to the life of a flight attendant which is sure to be both informative and entertaining.

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Author:Barbara Borzi

In Living the Sky Life, Barbara Borzi offers extensive insights into the world of flight attendants while incorporating humour throughout.

It is an engaging and eye-opening account that highlights the craziness of being confined with hundreds of strangers at 36,000 feet for hours on end, while at the same time offering invaluable tips and advice. The author’s twenty-four years’ worth of accumulated knowledge, experience, and observances on board an aircraft provide practical and useful information not taught in training schools.

Through her personal and professional anecdotes woven throughout, Borzi reveals the realities of being a flight attendant, the dreaded annual training, the special airline lingo, the juicy drama, layover advice, and even how to open the extremely complicated lavatory door.

A great resource for understanding the airline industry, Living the Sky Life is sure to inform and entertain.


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