A Duke at the Door

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A lady apothecary is charged by the Prince of Wales to heal a ducal lion Shapeshifter who wants nothing to do with her cures… until the lady herself becomes incredibly appealing.

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Author:Susanna Allen

Held captive in Phineas Drake’s Equestrian Spectacular and Exotic Traveling Menagerie, Alwyn Ap Lewin, Duke of Llewelyn languished for decades until he escaped. Refusing to reassume his lion skin under any circumstances, his health is failing by the day: he is willing to die free rather than live captive ever again.

His power as a Barbary lion challenges that of the Prince Regent and George decrees that the Welsh duke is to be sent to the Duke of Lowell’s home village, Lowell Close, to recover as there is a lady who will help him heal.

Tabitha Barrington is thrilled that her brother Timothy has secured a position as tutor at Lowell Hall… even if she is not pleased to be home in England after years spent traveling the Continent. She helped keep them from penury by honing her skills as a lady apothecary and without the pressure of survival, she finds she is less enamoured of that line of work… but she agrees to help the Shapeshifting duke.

The denizens of Lowell Close react to Alwyn with fear and submission… except for the lady apothecary. Her lack of fear is tantalizing, and he can’t get enough of the way she treats his, a delicate combination of casual inquiry and keen insight. As his senses recover and his powers return, will he go rogue — or roguish? For Tabitha is his fated mate and the White Lion of Wales discovers he has something to live for, and to fight for, after all.


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