Courting Danger

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A World War Two cozy mystery with a sinister twist.

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Author:JG Harlond

Cornwall, England, 1943. Dumpy, grumpy wartime detective Bob Robbins is sent to investigate a suspected suicide in a remote moorland pool. Gogmagog Ditch is steeped in Cornish folklore, but what attracted the victim to such a desolate spot, and why?

Dr Corin Lanyon was liked by all and loved by many – especially women. Ably assisted by PC Laurie Oliver, Bob untangles the victim’s relationships and connection to a Celtic Circle heritage group, revealing a network of criminality, deceit, and stolen museum pieces. But is one of the folklore group guilty of murder, or was it the doctor’s eccentric aunt?

A second death in an ancient stone circle means Bob and Laurie must focus on where the crimes were committed – starting with another visit to the bleak moorland pool, and the discovery of a sacred cave in a hollow hill.

Courting Danger is a thrilling tangled web of clues set in the breath-taking beauty of the Cornish moors that mystery fans will love.


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