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A murder mystery, full of twists and turns, finalizing with a romantic ending completely unforeseen.

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Author:Priscilla Shuler

Following the beating and murder of the ‘sweetheart of the 95 Truck Stop,’ Sheriff Boyd Custer is fired up to find the killer.

Knowing Colleen Woodard- the victim has lost all memory of the attack, he sequesters her for her safety into a special clinic far away for healing and recuperation. No one in the small town of Zacchary, South Carolina has any idea of her condition, since a mock funeral is held thereby freeing the Sheriff and everyone else to join in the chase for the killer.

Deputy ‘Junior’ Raeford is doubly concerned as he’s been desperately in love with Colleen since childhood and suffers knowing she chose his best friend, Bobby to wed instead of himself. Two years ago, Bobby fed up with pretence, kidnapped their son and fled to disappear totally leaving Colleen to suffer the loss.

Boyd’s secret weapon lies in the intelligence of LeeRoy, a tracker/hunter/sniper extraordinaire from the VietNam era.  Homeless ‘Colonel’ Chester Jones of WWII, resides beneath the overpass near the truck stop and makes his living at the top of the ramp from the folks stopped for traffic. Then there are the crew of the 95 Truck Stop where Colleen worked. Too, the side story emerges of Bobby, Eddie, and Bobby’s (illegitimate) wife, Ashe and their return to Zacchary following Colleen’s supposed death.

A plethora of unforgettable characters move throughout this story adding southern color to the unfolding saga.

The story unfolds to reveal how God intervenes in the broken and shattered lives to weave the shredded threads together into a knot FAVORED by God.


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