Finders Takers

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Three friends are leading a life of wealth and privilege but they are guarding a dangerous secret that could derail their lives and their safety.

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Author:Brian Lehman

In this suspenseful crime thriller, three friends manage to carry out what one of them describes decades later as “the greatest kid crime ever committed.” But that’s not their only secret. Who murdered the neighborhood mobster?

David, Mary Kay and her twin brother Tommy spend their lives hiding an improbable act of deception from their youth and how they became fabulously wealthy. Decades pass and the burden of guarding their secret and who they are takes a toll leading to paranoia, reckless behavior, obsession and more secrets.

A childhood acquaintance suddenly understands the significance of what he knows and what the three must have done. His investigation tips off the very people they have been hiding from all along. What follows is revenge, death, a “deal with the devil,” and the revelation of stunning, unforeseen madness.

Everybody starts out as a kid, but they all grow up someday, and some sins can’t be forgiven.


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