For You Have Sinned

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Two homicide detectives are on the hunt for a vigilante serial killer in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Author:Clifford Edwards

People are missing. Luckily, Fort Worth’s finest are on the case. Homicide detectives Anthony Donolla and Aaron Rider have the thankless job of ridding the Metroplex of degenerates; and business is booming.

Is there a killer lurking in the shadows? With their only potential witness in the hospital, unable to speak, Donolla and Rider need to rely on their wits and collective experience to find the truth. If there is one thing they’ve learned from their years on the force, it’s “don’t trust anyone”. In a society filled with depravity, one bastion of righteousness still upholds the word of God. Televangelist, Pastor Jacob Dreyer provides hope and healing to the masses, but everything comes with a price.

There is always promise for the wicked and morally corrupt. Pray for forgiveness. Ask for God’s mercy.

But remember, sometimes, God isn’t the only one listening.


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