Immortal Obsession

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When the last descendant of a French-Revolution era vampire and his mortal aristocratic lover witnesses her brother’s savage murder in New York City’s Central Park – and narrowly escapes her own demise – an ethereal stranger begins to draw her even deeper into a previously unimaginable world.

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Author:Denise Rago

In this gripping paranormal romance, the beautiful, young Amanda Perretti, a promising museum curator, becomes entangled with a group of French vampires who carry their eighteenth-century grudges into twenty-first-century New York.

Desperate to find the stranger who saves her life that fateful night, Amanda pursues her brother’s killer from the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Goth clubs of the East Village. After meeting the heroic vampire who intervened on her behalf, Amanda becomes increasingly torn between the wish to preserve her cherished career and her safe, “normal” life and her growing desire for the handsome, alluring vampire Christian Du Mauré. Ultimately, Amanda finds herself falling deeper into the dangerous realm of immortals, as not one but two vampires vie for her love.

Full of intrigue and suspense, yet grounded in artfully drawn characters and settings, this historical love story follows the journey of the mortal yet courageous Amanda as she discovers far more about herself than she ever dreamed possible.


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