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A woman becomes a creature of prophecy and must find a way out to save her soul.

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Author:Lorelei Matthews

Mikela Daniel’s thought she was living a perfect life; spending her days on the sunny beaches of California, while tackling her anthropology degree.

Her days of solitude are shattered when she is forced to return home after learning of the death of her parents, a place she never thought she would ever return to.

While dealing with her grief and animosity between her sister, Mikela meets a pair of remarkable beings who change her life in more ways than she could ever imagine; transforming her into the first human-vampire hybrid.

Mikela must learn to deal with what she has become, and find out who is on her side, and who simply want to use her to fulfil an ancient prophecy. Will she be able to traverse through this dark, new world, or will she succumb to something much, much darker?


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