The Art of Love: A modern Highlands romance

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California artist Becca travels to the Scottish Highlands for a painting workshop and falls in love with more than just the beautiful scenery.

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Author:Irene Doune

Art in the Highlands

California artist Becca Leoni is bursting with excitement when her life-long dream of a painting workshop amongst the mystical places and ancient ruins of the Scottish Highlands comes true. Three weeks of outstanding natural beauty and artistic opportunities galore are just what she needs to finally forget her painful past and move beyond her status as a struggling artist. When she attracts the ire of a filthy, but unforgettable, heritage preservation protester who is more than he seems, along with the interests of a handsome and flirtatious whisky scion, Becca’s still-healing heart is again at risk.

Inspired by the untamed beauty of the Highlands, and under the expert tutelage of her mysterious and compelling instructor, Becca knows her art has never been better, and as her magical time in the Highlands draws to a close, she feels her heartbreaking anew.

How can she leave, knowing she’s in love with him…but how can she stay, not knowing if he feels the same?


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