Three King Mackerel and a Mahi Mahi

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Pulp Fiction marries those Fried Green Tomatoes while dreaming of a 007 life!

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Author:Caroline Clemens

A blind date. An unused town in North Georgia. An explosion occurs. A blind date at a tavern in an unused town in North Georgia ends in an explosion.

James kisses her five minutes after meeting and asks her to trust him. Should she? What has Megan gotten herself into? She has little time to decide.

Megan yearns to find a career suitable for her new situation, one that keeps her protecting women who’ve been trampled upon amidst her own divorce. James is her 1st date, a blind one, and at the pace it’s igniting she has no time to wonder how she’ll handle the dangers of criminal activity. Who is her date anyway? They hook up from an online service and things progress quickly.

Megan discloses her divorce, lifeguard job, and three kids under age seven. James is single, Special Forces, post police officer. Both of them discover their fathers died while on duty.

Obviously, they know the right side of the law and now have a connection. But 1984 has hit society by way of Edward Snowden: in the south ladies are being followed, cops are doing bad things, and just where is that mob?

Two prominent women step in to help them, an opera singer and a cancer patient on the edge of destruction from chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Megan wonders if she could do this line of work, as she already helps a young mother, Maria, and her daughter, Hope, but doesn’t know the mob and police are after them. James has his forces buddies teach Megan a few basics through personal classes. He realizes she has a sixth sense being clued in sometimes when he is not.

A few other characters light up the pages including Nate, Rebekka, and Suzanne. There’s a triple murder and spying going on through surveillance. The thrill is kept up by the constant barrage of spying, with secrets, and Megan’s heightened anxiety by it all.


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