A Kiss for Luck

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A trip of a lifetime for a lonely secretary leads to an impulsive kiss with a conman down on his luck.

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Author:Isa McLaren

When Connie Munro gets a sudden inheritance, she takes her dream vacation to Italy. On a whim, she kisses a stranger on the famous Ponte Vecchio. When her toes uncurl, she finds herself in a whirlwind fling.

Jules Brand is down on his luck. A con job gone wrong leads to a murder, with him as the prime suspect. He returns to his good luck city, Florence, to turn things around. When Connie asks him for a kiss, he knows his luck has changed.

But Luck is a capricious mistress and Hagen Geier is bent on revenge. When Brand’s past catches up to him, Connie is caught in the cross-fire. She must rely on the charming con artist to get her out of it. She wouldn’t trust him with her purse, but what about her life?


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