Ximphonic Versus: Symphony Of The Phantom Knight

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A prince is forced to choose between two evils and the woman he loves. As tensions rise, and thunderous conflict rages on a celestial sword could be the answer to it all.

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Author:Xing Xin

The Great Wars have ended and the world has fallen into shadow and despair, a dark lord begins to recount the events known as Ximphonic Versus.

Set 5,000 years, in this beautiful and haunted past, a treaty is set to be signed in the neutral lands of the Glass Empire, ending the 800-year war fueled by the ruthless aristocratic war nation Countith’alyian Dynasty.

The heir apparent and last of a venerated bloodline to the divine throne of Noctium Imperium, Crowned Prince Addonnis Neos Latrunculus and his mentor Concerto Maestro travel to witness this historic occasion. As chance would have it the “Harpstrings Of Fate” were playing their melodious song, pulling Addonnis towards an encounter with the transcendental and beautiful Sappheiros Soir-Florentissima, a princess of the Glass Kingdom who shares a mysterious connection with Addonnis and their rare ability to behold “Celestial Light”.

Blissfully unaware of the tragedies that are to come, Addonnis is abruptly called away by the stewards of his Kingdom with news of great import and secrecy. Addonnis must travel to a forbidden realm on a deadly quest to retrieve the mask known as Hi’Ramouth, unaware that these actions will set into motion a chain of events with a cataclysmic outcome. Soon the lives and love of Prince Addonnis and Lady Sappheiros will be stained by blood and tears.

The impending return of an ancient evil eclipses hope as a nightmare whose endless ambitions of romanticized horror threaten the mortal world. For this nightmare’s one desire is to turn the beauty of this dream world into his eternal throne of ghostly theater, where death is but the echoing sound of souls devoured by his lust, his hate, and his enchanting evil that has no end.

As a song of woe will force Addonnis to choose between two evils, and the woman he loves.


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