Nobody’s Perfect

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‘Better than 50 shades of Grey, as it’s more realistic’

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Author:Penny J Black
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An intriguing story of a young woman who found love with two men, both very different and both gave her everything they could.

When Nancy finds out she is pregnant, she is unsure whether Thomas or Jason is the father.

The lies begin and the guilt she has to live with, eating away at her, is heart-wrenching, especially when she falls pregnant again, which, along with more lies, sparks a series of tragic events.

1 review for Nobody’s Perfect

  1. Tom Reade

    Having been in hospital for 4mths my dear friend penny j black gave me this AMAZING TRUE LIFE EMOTIONAL not enough words to describe this book kept my spirits high just to pick this book up on a good r.bad day this is a very much read touched every beat of my heart ❤ ♥ and for the reasons behind this book is just WOW WOW WOW 👏 xxxx

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