Ought to be Dead

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A monster-hunting revenant and his bookworm apprentice travel the coast of a fantasy world hunting different monsters.

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Author:Scott Warren

Some monsters are hunted by the living, but you really ought to be dead for this sort of work.

An overworked necromancer, woken in the deep hours of the night, attempts to help a group of desperate dock workers with their recently deceased cargo inspector. Instead, she accidentally awakens the terrifying spirit of a vengeful, undying warrior with a single drive: to kill monsters. But he’s really not so bad, once you learn to live with the smell.

Loosed upon the world, Specter travels the land hunting all manner of beasts and monsters both magical and mundane. Joined by an incorrigible human apprentice with a nose for books, the two set out for a year of travel together. But while calling upon the necromancer who raised him, an encounter with an unusual and deadly creature forces him to examine a pattern of attacks that leads him up and down the coast, finding danger wherever he ventures.

Across seven deadly hunts, Specter must journey to find the truth of the dark designs behind these attacks. And somehow, along the way, maintain his fading grip on humanity by coming to terms with his past life (and death)—lest he become one of the very monsters he’s sworn to destroy.


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