The Bonding

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An amazing journey of magic, friendship, plot twists, and self-realization!

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Author:AJ Peters

“The Bonding” tells the story of good vs evil in a land where they’ve battled, and good has won – or so it appeared.

Good – the Antecederes, feel the need to leave some behind in case the evil returns. 10 generations of kings later, the evil resurfaces, with only one Antecedere remaining. He, together with the last of the line of kings installed to protect the land, have made a plan, in the event the evil attempts to overcome their world. The king is attacked, and is dying. He confronts the leader of the evil beings – the Malofaceres, and splits the world.

Three friends – twins and a young man, all of the same age – learn of a stone of power that has been part of the king’s power to protect their world. As they find it, they, too are attacked. As the world is split, they are thrust into 3 separate realms, one with no memory of the past. They must learn the truth of their heritage, and reunite, to save their world.

With limited time, the story explores each as they discover who they are, and what they must endure to unite the world before it is too late.


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