Born of Fire: The Dawn of Legend

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Dinosaurs and Dragons clash in an epic battle that will determine the fate of an alien world.

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Author:Dreagen Scott

On a night tinged by a red sky, a mysterious figure, while being pursued by an armored conclave of dragons, whisks a baby away to the halls of a natural history museum.

There, the baby is found by a museum guard who, after a violent explosion, finds himself the father of a strange boy with red eyes. Naming him Rex, their lives become intertwined for the next fifteen years. Shunned as a freak by humanity, Rex’s life is filled with cruelty and violence, with his father being the only source of love he has ever known. That is, until one fateful night, the dragons that orphaned him on earth once again appear and turn his world upside down, releasing the power lying dormant within him and changing the course of his life forever.

Now Rex awakens to find himself lost in a strange and beautiful world called EeNara; a breathtaking and wondrous place, filled with dinosaurs, who like him, possess a living flame. The primordial fire that burns within all things, and gifts those born with the ability to use it, with incredible power.

With the help of five wayward new friends, Rex learns to harness the destructive power of his own flame, before setting out with them on a journey to unravel the mystery surrounding their origins and save EeNara from the Draconic Holy Order who seek to bring about its ruin.


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