Old Souls

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In this western meets dramatic space opera, a rancher from Texas discovers his entire life has been a lie.

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Author:LA Goodman

An Ash Bennett story, Book 1

Monsters only he can see. Voices only he can hear.

Ash Bennett knows that he’s unlike other people. He learned how to keep secrets, how to evade and stay quiet. He learned how to lie.

When strange visitors appear on the Bennett ranch, an out-of-this-world truth begins to unfold. The monsters he’s seen are, in fact, aliens. Aliens are real.

With his entire existence suddenly altered, his ordinary life gives way to dangerous life or death, world-altering situations. Ash finds himself at the epicenter of it all.

As his neatly ordered world flips on end, Ash realizes that no matter how many times he’s evaded the truth, kept silent, or flat-out lied, the most damaging lies are the lies he’s told himself.


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