Put Your Toe in the Pacific

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A story of an unlikely friendship, made at the end of one’s life.

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Author:Jeffrey Aubuchon

Father Michael H. Custer, O.S.B. (1910-2006) lived as a monk of Saint Anselm Abbey for more than seventy years and taught chemistry at Saint Anselm College for more than forty years.

In that time, he befriended thousands of students, families, and faculty members. He was especially loved for the stories in his homilies, some of which are included in this short book.

Put Your Toe in the Pacific is a collection of Father Michael’s humorous wisdom as well as memories from an unlikely seven-year friendship at the end of his life. Read the book to laugh, or read the book to renew your own unlikely friendships, and then pass the heart-warming book along to a friend.

All after-tax profits are donated to the scholarship in his name at the College.


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