Scream on 10th Street

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The true story of a teenage girl’s murder in her parents’ dining room on a sunny August afternoon, in Mattoon, Ill., in 1955.

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Author:Judy Rosella Edwards

At 1:15 pm on Friday, Aug. 26, 1955, a teenager’s scream pierced the dog days of summer on North Tenth Street, in Mattoon, Illinois.

Home alone, fourteen-year-old Doris Louise Edwards had just been repeatedly shot while ironing in her family’s dining room. But, who shot her?

Set against the background of the Mattoon Centennial Celebration, the teenager’s murder was, at best an inconvenience.

Time travel back to this Central Illinois town in 1955 as this long forgotten story is told by Doris’s sister, Judy Rosella Edwards.

Come along, as this story takes you on a manhunt along the Kaskaskia River, now known as Lake Shelbyville. Numerous original photos are included along with many familiar names from the area.


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